• October 15, 2017

    A Guide To Orthotics

    What is orthotics ? The word sounds strange, like some sort of arcane jargon that ordinary people shouldn't know about. In reality, orthotics are just devices made of lightweight, flexible materials. They are used as help correct a variety of...

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  • September 15, 2017

    What To Expect From Physiotherapy

    If you are heading into your first physiotherapy consultation, you might be feeling nervous. You are already in pain,  might be worried about the condition and the prognosis and additionally, you might also be uncertain about the session itself. You...

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  • September 12, 2017

    Dr7 Physiotherapy Podiatry BUPA

    Dr7 Physiotherapy and Podiatry Yokine is calling out to all BUPA members as we are a BUPA preferred clinic. Since June 1st, 2016, Dr7 Physiotherapy and Podiatry Yokine is part of the BUPA Members First Network. This means that BUPA members will...

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  • September 1, 2017

    What is Massage Therapy?

    Massage therapy is the use of massage to manipulate the soft tissues of the body. This includes areas such as the muscles, connective tissues, ligaments, joints, and tendons. A massage therapy Dianella clinic can offer this as part of the...

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  • August 30, 2017

    The Benefits of Hydrotherapy for the Elderly | Aged Care Report and Dr7 Physiotherapy and Podiatry

    Hydrotherapy for Seniors What is hydrotherapy? Hydrotherapy is a therapeutic technique commonly used in older adults in which heated water is used as treatment. It is a type of physical therapy used for treating various types of injuries and diseases....

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