Dr7physioandpod Podiatry Orthotics


Orthotics is the medical practice of designing, applying, and manufacturing orthosis. These are devices that aim to modify the structural and functional aspects of the foot. This allows for alleviating pain or other issues, as well as correcting problems related to motion.

Our approach to orthotics is different from other clinics.

All of our podiatrists have completed Advanced Orthotic therapy courses. This gives our team a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of how orthotics function and are made. The result is a better insert, individually built to accommodate to your situation.

We don’t cast you on your first visit. We recommend trial orthotics first, to test whether or not our diagnosis is correct. Only after we have that information do we cast your foot and create orthotics custom-made for your needs.

We make no claims that orthotics will solve every issue you have. It won’t do anything if your muscles and joints are left unaddressed, or if your movements are still running against the body’s natural flow. Our service is best paired with corrections in your biomechanics.

We cooperate with physiotherapists, soft-tissue technique experts, and others who can address all of the critical points. Through this, we provide not just shoe inserts, but a comprehensive therapeutic strategy.

The biggest concern of orthotics is what is causing the problem. Your feet might be the cause, but it may also be the back or the neck. Assessment tools and procedures are required to determine the most likely causes. After that, it becomes a process of elimination.

Our assessment process looks at your body as a whole, rather than only looking at you from the knee down.