Understanding your body and all its aches and pains can be complex. Our experienced team of physios, podiatrists and massage therapists are here to help. We are conveniently located to provide physiotherapy and podiatry for Yokine, Tuart Hill, Dianella, Joondanna, Nollamara, Osborne Park, Coolbinia, Balcatta, Menora and surrounding inner Northern Perth communities.


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Quality Care and Experienced Physiotherapy and Podiatry Professionals for Perth Inner Northern Suburbs

Welcome to Dr7 Physiotherapy Podiatry Hydrotherapy Massage. Located within Dr7 Medical Centre in Yokine, our experienced physios, podiatrists and massage therapists provide a wide range of services and treatments to help optimise your health and well-being. Our physio and podiatry services are conveniently located  to all Perth inner northern suburbs. In particular, physiotherapy and podiatry for Yokine, Dianella, Joondana, Tuart Hill, Osborne Park, Coolbinia, Menora, Mount Lawley, Bedford, Inglewood, Balcatta, Stirling and Nollamara.

Physiotherapy for back pain, neck pain, sports injuries, motor vehicle injuries, Worker’s compensation injuries and Medicare Enhanced Primary Care / Chronic Disease Management Plans.

Podiatry for general foot and nail care ; heel pain; sporting injuries; heel spurs; diabetic foot care and orthotics prescription.




Our Perth physiotherapy clinic has a multitude of benefits. This profession can address numerous aches, pains, and injuries in both adults and children.
Orthopedic cases that can benefit from our  physiotherapy practice include sports injuries, recovery from fractures, and treating spinal pain. Depending on the cause, our therapists can also help alleviate headaches and migraines.
The expert team at Dr7 will work with you to make plans that will work towards restoring range of motion and physical endurance, along with correcting posture and muscular imbalances.
Children can also benefit from physiotherapy.  Whether it be growing pains or maximizing coordination and sports performance. We are here to help
Those with cardiopulmonary problems often respond well to physiotherapy. In particular, it is beneficial to those who have difficulty performing daily living activities, including those who experience shortness of breath or poor endurance.


Maria Knott


Maria Knott



Dr7 Podiatry in Perth is one of Perth’s best Podiatry clinics.

An estimated nine out of every ten people will experience pain due to their feet at one point or another. The feet also take the brunt of the impact when we walk and are a crucial part of the support structure that allows the human body to remain standing.
The legs are a crucial part of our mobility systems. These limbs are masterworks of engineering but can be worn down through improper use or strain. When this becomes a problem due to pain or aches, you can call on a podiatrist to help alleviate the problem.
Our team start by conducting assessments and diagnosis of problems related to the feet. These can include anything from determining whether you need arch support to pinpointing problems in how you walk that may be causing pain in your joints.
Our experts can assist in a variety of problems. Whether you have this pain in your heels each time you take a step or your knees flare up in agony whenever you sit down after a long walk, we can assist you.




Hydrotherapy is primarily used for helping people recover from an injury. The focus is on the utilization of the properties of water to help.
The buoyancy of the water reduces the stress on limbs and joints, making exercise easier and less painful. Hydrotherapy can reduce pain in one’s movements, so it’s simpler to re-train an injured limb to move properly.
There is a reduced fear of falling and re-injuring the limb because of the “softness” of the water. The reduced strain allows the person to regain their full range of motion faster.
Hydrotherapy can also assist someone in maintaining their physical fitness during recovery. Specifically, some exercises can maintain aerobic fitness levels using water. You can also strengthen weak muscles, making them mobile and reinvigorated.
Hydrotherapy can help the injured regain their balance, their coordination, and mobility. The use of water to reduce strain also allows them to be eased into movement and exercise after an injury.




Maria Knott



Massage has a range of benefits. While not a medical practice on its own, it can be used to supplement an existing physical therapy strategy or to help speed up recovery and complement other strategies.
There are various benefits to massage, including helping to reduce stress levels. They can also relieve muscle tension and reduce chronic pain. These benefits are so well-known that many who call for massages are looking to get these specifically.
Of course, not all of the benefits of massage have scientific backing. Many massage therapists have clients who have overcome headaches, anxiety, as well as insomnia thanks to massage.
The massaging of muscles assists in alleviating joint pain, eliminating toxins from the body and de-stressing the mind. Don’t delay, Book your Massage today.

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For almost two decades, Dr7 Physiotherapy and Podiatry has been helping patients with a variety of issues. From sports injuries to chronic back pain, we have assisted thousands of people in improving the quality of their life.

Physiotherapy is used to combat many things, including back pain and neck pain. It is also helpful for sports-related injuries, along with a variety of concerns related to pain, the range of movement, and motion.

Podiatry is more than a just general foot and nail care, though it does also help with this. It helps to assist in recovering a full range of movement in the lower limbs, as well as alleviating foot and ankle pain.Our team has all the necessary licenses, training, and experience. In total Dr7 Physio comprises of six physiotherapists, four podiatrists, two massage therapists and two hydrotherapy staff.

To further complement our skills and expertise, we have top of the range, modern equipment that is used to help in your recovery, including a huge heated hydrotherapy pool.Since 2001, our clinic has provided the people of Perth and surrounds with the best physiotherapy and podiatry possible.