Podiatry For Children


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As children grow, they might develop some foot-related problems. These can come about due to poor posture, difficulty in movement, or other issues. By initiating an early assessment of the children’s feet, you can avoid these problems becoming worse or prevent future mobility issues.

When should a child visit a podiatry clinic?

If the child complains of constant tiredness, fatigue, stiffness or pain.

An inactive child that complains of pain when standing or walking for any period should also consult with us.

Flat feet, knock knees, and in-toed walking, leading to clumsiness or reduced co-ordination are usually signs that your child may need podiatrist assessment. Toe-walking and prominent bones along the lower limbs are also indicators.

Finally, you might want to consult a podiatrist if both feet don’t look quite the same.

Symptoms that show up should be addressed. Adults might be inclined to dismiss some of these as growing pains, but they could be signs that something is wrong.

If it looks different or unusual, it should be assessed.