Exercise Programmes

It is well-known that exercise yields many benefits. It is good for the body on many levels. However, physiotherapy exercise programs are somewhat different. These treatments have a more definite purpose in mind. To rehabilitate your injury!

Exercise can promote faster recovery. This is useful for someone who has just had an operation or is recovering from injury.

Using your muscles provides practical benefits. They lengthen and gain strength, improving your physical performance. At the same time, exercise programs also allow you to improve the capacity and efficiency of your heart and lungs.

Exercise releases endorphins into the body. These chemicals block pain receptors in the body, which can dull/eradicate chronic pain. Exercise is one of the methods that people use to reduce pain symptoms in various conditions, and physiotherapy uses it for the same purpose. The release of endorphins also improves your overall mood.

A proper exercise regimen also helps alleviate sleep problems. Physical exertion makes the body feel tired at night so sleep becomes easier.

A Physiotherapist will prescribe exercise after a full assessment. Physiotherapy uses a personal approach to treatment, so there is no one-size-fits-all method.

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