New Hydrotherapy Aqua Fit class

Posted on June 21, 2017

Introducing a new Hydrotherapy Aqua Fit class starting this week at Dr7 Physiotherapy and Podiatry, Aqua Fit is a high intensity and low impact workout in our Hydrotherapy pool. Warmed at a constant 34 degrees Celsius and water resistance makes the work out more intense but with fewer injuries.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy:

  • Post operation of knee and hip replacement – people may not be able to put their full body weight on the operated area so therefore it will encourage the patients to walk properly in their rehabilitation without the weight in the pool.
  • Arthritis – with experiencing pain in their joints doing exercises may take a toll on the body on land but in warm water it can eliminate the stiffness and soreness of the joints and you may exercise pain free.
  • Sports injury/Recovery – the warmth of the water would loosen up tight muscles and encourages relaxation and speed the healing process.
  • It may boost the immune system allowing efficient function of the organs and also increasing metabolic rate and digestion.

Benefits of Aqua Fit (exercising in warm water):

  • Improves your aerobic fitness and flexibility by reducing the weight while exercising in the warm water.
  • Low impact exercising for muscles and joints
  • Improves strength and balance
  • Post natal training and injury rehabilitation

The classes will be on every Friday at 12pm to 12:40pm instructed by Tess our very own physiotherapist and personal trainer. Cost of the class is $37 and is either fully covered or partly covered by your private health, limited spots available.

Tess, Lawrence and Emma also instructs the arthritis classes on a daily basis:

Monday 8:30am
Friday 8:30am

Monday 10:30am
Tuesday 9am
Thursday 9am
Friday 10:30am

Wednesday: 10:30am and 1:30pm

Cost of the class is $25 and is either fully covered or partly covered by your private health, limited spots available.

So give Dr7 Physiotherapy and Podiatry a call today on 9349 1777 to make a booking or visit our pages:

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