Posted on July 19, 2017



Blisters are a very common foot problem due to shoes not fitting correctly, either too tight or too loose. They are small pockets of skin filled with fluid caused by friction of the foot and the shoes most commonly. Walking or standing for several hours may also contribute to the cause due to the pressure you put on your feet. Moisture on your foot can also lead to blisters due to your pores being clogged up by sweat.


Unburst Blisters:

It is better to keep blisters unburst to avoid the risk of infection. Try not to cover up your blisters and let it breathe, but you may also put a plaster or bandage on it to prevent it from friction.

Burst Blisters:

If the blister has burst due to the large amount of friction that has been put on it, do not remove the skin. Instead you should wash it properly and use sterile dressing to dress it everyday until it is healed.


Draining Blisters:

This is not recommended but if the blister is in an awkward area or causes too much pain, you may burst and drain it yourself.

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly and sterilise a needle
  2. Puncture the sides of the blister with the sterile needle and not the centre of it
  3. Gently press down on the blister and let the fluid drain out
  4. Wash the blister after all fluid is drained
  5. Dry the area and apply a sterile dressing over it and change this everyday to avoid infection.

If there is blood in the blister this method is not recommended and instead you should not burst it and just let it heal itself.



  • Wearing Shoes that fit well and not lacing up your shoes too tight
  • Wear socks that are breathable and moisture wicking
  • Putting orthotics in your shoes may position your foot better, we can custom make orthotics at Dr7 Physio and Podiatry.
  • Keeping your feet dry by putting talcum powder or antiperspirant


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