Workers Compensation

Posted on January 15, 2021
Workers Compensation

Have you been injured at work?
We are here to help!

The Physiotherapists at Dr7 Joondanna are qualified health professionals with years of experience treating patients who have been injured at work. We are familiar with the protocols and procedures of Workers Compensation injuries in Western Australia and can provide the services to help you with a speedy recovery.

We welcome all patients referred for a work-related injury.

What is a Workers’ Compensation claim?

Workers’ Compensation claims are implemented to protect the business and its workers. This type of insurance covers any costs related to job-related accidents and disease.

Who is entitled to a Workers’ Compensation claim?

You are entitled to a Workers’ Compensation claim “if you are a worker, suffer an injury or develop a disease at work and require medical treatment or time off work as a result.”

How do I make a Workers’ Compensation claim?

If you have sustained an injury or illness directly related to your workplace follow these basic recommendations:
1. Report your injury to your employer within 30 days of becoming aware of the injury/illness
2. Consult with your GP and request a work-related medical certificate
3. Consult with your GP and request a referral to your allied health professional (e.g. Physiotherapist)
4. Fill out a Workers’ Compensation claim form available from – speak to your employer if you’re unsure

If you are considering a Workers’ Compensation claim and require more advice we recommend seeking legal advice.

How do I get referred to Physiotherapy?

When attending Physiotherapy services under a Workers’ Compensation claim it is important that you present with the correct documentation.

Before presenting to Physiotherapy you will need the following information:

A Doctors referral stating the following:

  1. Name of practice and practitioner you intend on seeing
  2. Date of accident
  3. Injured areas to be managed
  4. Modalities of treatment (e.g. Physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, exercise rehabilitation)
  5. Name of employer
  6. Name of the insurance company
  7. Claim number (if provided)

If you are unsure what information you need to provide, we recommended speaking to our friendly receptionist on (08) 934 1777 for more information today!

What costs are involved?

If your claim has been approved and liability has been accepted there are no gap-fees or out-of-pocket expenses for the patient directly. This needs to be confirmed with your employer and the insurance company funding your claim.

How can a Physiotherapist help?

Our Physiotherapists at Dr7 Physiotherapy & Podiatry Yokine are trained to deliver the following services:
1. Physiotherapy: assessment, manual therapy, exercise prescription, equipment prescription, education, advice
2. Hydrotherapy: assessment, water-based exercise, water-based stretching, relaxation
3. Exercise Rehabilitation: assessment, strengthening programs, functional training, exercise programs [These sessions are undertaken in a local gym]

Benefits of Physiotherapy

• Reduce symptoms and pain levels
• Educate injury
• Design management plan with the patient
• Increase muscle strength, tone, and conditioning
• Support during the return-to-work program
• Reduce risk for future exacerbation
• Provide strategies to cope with the process
To find out more information about your work-related injury visit the Workcover website today