Physio Yokine – Are you in Pain?

Posted on May 24, 2016
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Pain – no one wants it and we try our best to resolve it but sometimes it just doesn’t go away. There are 2 different types that we experience, depending on the onset and duration – acute or chronic. 
Acute pain is felt at the time of an injury or accident, and is an extremely useful function that tells us there is damage in our body, which requires treatment, and disappears soon when the injury heals. Physiotherapy is very effective dealing with these issues.
Chronic pain on the other hand, is very complex, often poorly understood and managed, and unfortunately a growing problem.  It often develops from an injury, but opposed to acute pain, it persists long after the injury has “healed”.  With a number of reasons why chronic pain persists, it is important to identify these underlying factors, which can often be a combination and interaction of many physical, psychological and other lifestyle issues. 
Chronic pain often requires a multi-faceted approach to manage it effectively, and a physiotherapist is well versed to help the individual suffering from this distressing issue. We will help you return to a functional and healthy lifestyle, doing the physical things you used to love and able to do. 
If you have been suffering back or neck issues that just wouldn’t go away, even after months or years, there is help at hand. Initial hand-on physiotherapy treatment might be needed, along with professional and easy to understand education about your issue. Functional and practical advise, along with empathetic encouragement and support is vital. Specific physio and rehabilitation exercises along with recommendations for improving physical capacity is one effective strategy which our physios used.  Don’t hesitate to contact Dr7 Physiotherapy Perth to consult with one of our experienced physiotherapists who all have an excellent understanding and experience with managing long term pain . You will be in good hands.