What to look for in cricket shoes

Posted on August 17, 2020
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Cricket players, and in particular pace bowlers, subject their lower legs and body to a range of different forces, which often result in overuse and acute injuries. Footwear is extremely important for pace bowlers to ensure they reduce the risk of injury. Studies show in the bowling phase, the front foot is more prone to acute injuries, whilst the back foot may be more susceptible to overuse injuries due to the multidirectional forces placed upon it throughout foot contact. Here we look at some of the top tips to look for in cricket shoes, and the hottest shoes on the current market.

Top tips when looking for new cricket shoes:

  1. Purchase shoes with high quality material on the upper surface. Ideal materials include Polyethylene (PU), Microfiber or high quality synthetic material. All are lightweight and provide durability for all cricket surfaces.
  2. Cushioning – majority of cricketers will run between 2-5km per game, so cushioning is very important to reduce forces experienced on the lower legs. Ideally cushioning should be centred on the heel and midsole.
  3. Stability – some brands of cricket shoes have medial arch support to help reduce pronation through the bowling phase which in turn reduces forces experienced at the level of the inner ankle, knee and hips
  4. Ventilation – to increase circulation of air and properly ventilate your feet during the hot summer days
  5. Spikes – for batsmen half-spikes are better as they are lighter and more responsive. For bowlers full-spikes are recommended for grip and stability

The best cricket shoes currently on the market for bowlers are:

  1. Adidas – Adipower Vector. This is the first-line choice for many bowlers including Jimmy Anderson and Stuart Broad. It’s developed with leather PU upper and high-quality midsoles to provide maximum cushioning and stability.
  2. Asics – Gel 300 Not Out. Asics utilise gel cushioning throughout the shoe to provide maximum cushioning. It is also fitted with Flytefoam technology to reduce the weight of the shoe, thus improving comfort and performance
  3. Asics – Gel Speed Menace. Fitted with both forefoot and rearfoot cushioning, the Gel Speed Menace is great at providing shock absorption. It has a more rigid forefoot which reduces forces on the forefoot (reducing risk of stress fractures) and allows forward propulsion.
  4. New Balance – CK10. Built on lightweight and responsive cushioning, New Balance is versatile enough to use on any surface. New Balance also comes in 2 different widths, allowing increased comfort for bowlers with wider feet.

Majority of cricket shoes also allow us podiatrists to fit orthotics into them, providing you with extra comfort, support and cushioning.

Best of luck to all cricketers this season. Should you require any further advice or need a review of your cricket biomechanics, pop in and see us at Dr7 Physiotherapy and Podiatry Yokine.



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