Clinical placement for Notre Dame students

Posted on July 4, 2017
Notre Dame student

Dr7 Physiotherapy has provided clinical placement for Notre Dame Students (Fremantle campus) for the past 10 years. Around 20 students each year will go through our clinic and gain valuable experience for their physiotherapy studies. The physio students work closely  with our experienced physiotherapists and hydro-therapist on a daily basis to gain insight into patient treatment and management. “We wanted to help in any way possible to educate and teach the interns to better prepare them for the future”, as quoted by Ryan our head physiotherapist.



A normal day for the interns:

  • They would sit in on initial assessments and learn how the physio would assess a new patient and proper treatment if any on the first visit.
  • Students would learn the many injuries and treatments ranging from workers compensation, motor vehicle accidents and sports injuries.
  • The hydrotherapy pool would be a main focus for the students as Doctor 7 Physio and Podiatry are one of the only practices in Perth with a hydrotherapy pool in it.
  • Interns will get into the pool and help out the physios teaching the proper exercises and movements to the patients.


What an intern would learn from the internship:

  • How to properly prepare themselves if they choose to work in a private practice.
  • How to diagnose patient’s injuries from the initial assessment and the proper treatment methods they should undertake.
  • Observing and teaching patients on how to execute the proper stretches and exercises for their rehabilitation.
  • Gaining knowledge and experience of treatment of patients in the hydrotherapy pool


Dr7 Physiotherapy and Podiatry has also taken in students internationally from other Physiotherapy schools. A student from Germany came to have an internship with us in 2016, staying with us for 3 months before returning back to Germany to begin her career.


We will always welcome students from local or international universities to come and undertake an internship with us. If we can accommodate students, we will do our best in showing them how a private physiotherapy and podiatry practice is operated.