Massage For Body Parts

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Different areas of the body may benefit from various massage strategies and techniques. There may also be various reasons for why a particular part is targeted. Here is a quick look at different parts and what therapeutic methods are used most often on them.

Face massages usually focus on tension and tightness. Methods may also be used to relieve stress. A massage may also target the entire head, going for a deep tissue approach. Nerve stimulation of the scalp area is also an option.

For the buttocks, massage concentrates on the gluteus muscles. Tightness and tension are typical problems, though pain is also a potential issue. The aim is to release the muscles, allowing for pain relief and a return to normal life.

Chest area muscles are massaged to relieve tightness and reduce pain. Circulatory concerns may also be addressed partially through massage.

The calf muscles often get massages to ease stress and relieve pain. In the case of some injuries, they may also be targeted to improve recovery, reduce tightness, or restore a full range of motion.

The back area is also a focus of various massage techniques. Lower back pain is a common issue. Lymphatic circulation and blood flow can also be addressed using certain massage methods. Upper back problems include stilted flow, tightness, and tension.

Massage can also alleviate problems with the hands and feet.

Neck massages also target the shoulder area. As with other areas, tension in the muscles is a typical target. For the neck, a reduction of headaches or inducing relaxation is also a goal. Shoulders can also be massaged to improve blood flow and range of motion.

Finally, the thighs are often targeted. The various techniques are meant to relieve muscle tightness and increase blood circulation. In some cases, they may also help recovery after an injury or accident. Thigh massages are particularly common in athletes.