Our massage therapists offer a wide range of treatments to relieve your aching muscles.

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  •  Swedish/Relaxation Massage:
    Generally a full-body massage to relax the muscles and other soft tissues of the body. It also helps increase circulation, eliminates toxins and reduce stress.
  • Deep tissue massage:
    Deep tissue is a strong penetrating massage which includes components of relaxation massage, combined with techniques for dealing with tight muscles which are causing general fatigue and pain in a region of the body.
  • Sports massage:
    Sports massage includes components of relaxation massage and deep tissue massage with additional techniques for treating the sports athlete during the training program and before or after activity. Sports massage also deals with common sports injuries and enhances the athlete’s performance. This massage is a great way to prevent injury, soothe and repair damaged muscle fibers.
  • Remedial massage:
    This massage includes components of relaxation massage and deep tissue massage with additional techniques enabling the manipulation of the soft tissues and treatment of muscular dysfunction to a specific area of the body. Remedial massage also includes trigger point therapy to dissolve muscle knots and soft tissue restrictions.
  • Pregnancy massage:
    A gentle massage which helps to relive tension and stress in the changing body. Supportive pregnancy cushioning places the client in a safe and relaxing position. Note: Massages should not be performed in the first trimester.
  • Aromatherapy massage:
    Aromatherapy is a relaxing massage which involves the use of essential oils. Aromatherapy is great for people who suffer from headaches, stress, insomnia, muscle cramps, anxiety and menstruation pains.
  • Hot stone massage:
    During a hot stone massage warmed Basalt stones are used to warm and stretch out the muscle fibers.
  • Reflexology:
    Reflexology uses the concept of a hand or a foot map which reflects the body as a whole. Good for tired feet and hands, as these areas are often neglected.
The massage room in Dr7 Physiotherapy, Podiatry , Hydrotherapy and Massage
The massage room in Dr7 Physiotherapy, Podiatry , Hydrotherapy and Massage


Our team of dedicated massage therapists can deliver the most relaxed results for you. Highly-trained specialists do each type of massage we provide. They are experienced in dealing with all kinds of conditions. No matter the type you need, you are getting the best results from us.

Massage can do wonders for a range of conditions. However, they are also not recommended for certain other situations.

Our clinic uses massage as a potential treatment for alleviating acute pain. Stiffness in the muscles and joints are also handled, along with muscle tension. With our massage services, these can be reduced, and you can get mobility and quality of life back.

There are other conditions, but these may be on a case by case basis. Feel free to call us and inquire. Any of our massage therapists would be more than happy to help give you advice and determine what type of massage is best for your situation.

If you have sciatica, massage may also be a right choice for you.

Our clinic offers it as a service as part of treatment. With the right therapy, you can reduce the tightness and the pain associated with the condition. You can also recover some of your flexibility and range of movement.

However, there are some areas of concern. In particular, injuries are best judged after an inspection of the affected area.

In more severe injuries, the best way to heal is to allow for rest and letting the body’s systems do its work. In these cases, massage is probably not advisable because it risks doing further damage. We advise consulting with both a massage therapist and an expert in exercise medicine to be safe.

Massage as part of a therapeutic program can help improve your quality of life. Don’t hesitate. Call and ask one of our therapists to see what they can do for you.